Investment funds for the web3 generation

The SPICE DAO is a decentralised community that launches and governs tokenised investment funds.

* Not investment advice. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

Crypto investing made easy

The SPICE DAO’s indices are an easy way to participate in the fast growing crypto market with diverse strategies, from curated small cap gems to DeFi blue chips. Another easy way for beginners to make a profit from the crypto market is to become involved in crypto trading. Using trading bots such as Bitsoft 360 is a common practice in the world of cryptocurrency trading, as it allows traders to automate their trades and execute them based on predefined conditions. If you’re choosing Bitsoft 360, have a clear understanding of was ist Bitsoft 360 and how it works and make the right move for successful trading.

Effortless investing

Invest into a range of assets with just one token, reducing friction and overhead. However, traders and investors must have reliable crypto wallets to store their crypto assets safely. Check the https://coincierge.de/wallets/ page to find the most reliable crypto wallets.

Diversified risk

SPICE indices provide exposure to a range of diversified strategies.

Community governance

The SPICE DAO is the governing body that launches and governs indices

Investment products


$SCIFI is an active strategy crypto index, curated by industry experts. SCIFI invests into small to mid cap crypto projects that have significant growth potential.

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The $GBI is a passive strategy crypto blue chip index that tracks the performance of the leading projects in the decentralised finance value chain.

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What’s next?

The SPICE DAO will launch new index products on an ongoing basis. Any DAO member (SPICE token holder) can submit proposals for new index products.

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The Spice Model

$SPICE is the governance token that grants voting power over new and existing index products. SPICE is designed to appreciate with the performance of new index products.

Dao governed etfs

The SPICE DAO is a community-run platform to launch and govern digital asset index products.

The spice dao

Anyone who owns $SPICE is part of the DAO and can submit and vote on governance proposals.

Feeless funds

Instead of charging fees, every index includes a fixed amount of $SPICE tokens, increasing demand for $SPICE as the indices grow.

A hub for indices

$SCIFI is just the first of many indices launched by the SPICE DAO. It represents a curated basket of low- to mid-cap tokens.